About production

How you can order

If you want to let something produced in our company, it is sufficient to come by us with basic image of your wish (preferably with the draft, picture, any kind of guideline, basic dimensions) and we already arrange all the further needed details together. It is possible to send the demands by e-mail or fax. We will come to take the measurements on-site by larger commissions such as for example kitchens, built-in wardrobes and so on.

Production term

Maximum term of commission completion is 6 – 8 weeks

Goods in stock

Our company has no demonstration exhibition area where it would be possible to see all the products which we offer. The produced furniture is immediately exported to its owner. It is possible to view lots of produced pieces of furniture in out photo gallery and to make use of it as the motivation for your wish. At your possible visit of our company, you will be lucky to see lots of produced furniture before painting or after it even prior to its export to its owners.

Price lists

As we offer the possibility to change all our products presented on the website at will (material, dimensions, design, surface, …) that is why we do not introduce their price. It is upon everyone how their furniture should look like and, subsequently, we will price your “tailored piece” for you in accordance to it.

Cabinet hardware

We order cabinet hardware especially from the company www.halen.cz and www.schachermayer.cz