Surface finish


We import waxes English wax from England in tones Stripped Pine (brown) and Antique brown (yellow). The less used variant can be clear (transparent) tone designated as Light wax. The waxes have unique spreading, surface and coloured qualities, they are spread evenly along the grain on the thoroughly polished, alternatively understained surface, preferably in two layers.


The most often used stains are the Belgian stains with the long-standing yellowish tone branded as „K“ or „YL“


Everyone chooses from wide range of quality cover colours offered by international sample book branded as RAL or CAPAROL

TRANSPARENT COLOURS – Astra Vernici, Bondex

If you want to preserve the structure design of wood, we recommend the colours with more transparent consistency such as for example the so called bondex. Although its light surface provides the furniture with specific tone required by you, the wood structure is visible all the time. The similar service is also performed by surfaces of Italian brand Astra Vernici. The book of samples presents basic tone series of natural tones designated for colorization and protection of wood in the inner and outer environment. The low-viscosity impregnating oils are toned by micro-pigmented dyestuffs which penetrate to woody plant and thus draw in detail the wood structure very considerably.


The so called wood brushing, which is the technique by which wood is brushed to deeper structure by steel brush (for oak wood) and by nylon brush (for spruce wood), is very popular and this way it highlights its annual rings. It is then up to you which final tone and surface type you will choose being able to highlight the brushing even more.